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It is important to observe towing laws as they are necessary in differentiating between towing your car and letting it free. Towing laws in California are different from the towing laws in other states. It is therefore important to be enlightened on the towing laws in California if you ever plan to drive in California. This will assist you in saving a significant amount of money, time and effort. Discussed below are some of the tow truck laws in California.

Private property laws

A private property owner in California has a right to towing services without permission from the police or the state. Therefore, if your vehicle has been parked on another person’s property, it can be towed without warning at any point in time. However, this is not the same case for vehicles that are faulty. If a car has no engine, wheels, motor or any other important parts necessary for its operation, the owner has no choice but to wait for 24 hours before giving the police information about any intentions of towing the car away from another person’s property.

Posting Laws

Before towing companies can legally tow your car, it is necessary for signs to be posted in public areas. These sign should be made visible, and have measurements of at least 17 by 22 inches. In the case where this sign is not visible, then the towing company will be committing a “predatory action” that involves towing a vehicle illegally for profit. Such activities are illegal and must be reported to the police.

Fee Restriction

It is prohibited by the California state laws for towing companies to charge more than a day’s worth storage costs for a vehicle, as long as the vehicle has been reclaimed within 24 hours of the preliminary towing. This law is put in place so that car owners won’t have to pay additional costs when reclaiming their vehicles from towing companies. If a car owner suspects that they are being charged more than a 24 hours’ storage for a car that has been picked within the stipulated time frame, then such a company should be reported to the authorities.

Holiday Parking Restrictions

There are some holidays and times of day that are normally permitted for parking, whereas others are not permitted. This means that a particular area can be a tow-away zone at particular times and it cannot be a tow away zone in other times. Therefore, one needs to read the signs that have been posted keenly so as to avoid being issued with a parking ticket, or at times, being towed. This is also the case for certain areas in the city.

Are you are car owner, drving a car in California? Knowing about towing laws in the State of California is much important so can you can know your towing rights.