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Scouting for the appropriate towing company is usually a tussle for many when an accident happens. While traveling in your vehicle, it is always advisable to choose and keep contacts with proper towing service. Auto Towing is a great company to keep on hand for the Northern Californias bay area. This ensures backup in case of vehicle breakdown in deserted areas or one needs help towing your vehicle. In the event of an emergency, you should park your vehicle before contacting the towing service.

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Pressing for a fixed charge goes a long way in ensuring that you get the services required. A flat fee and transparency of the service providers about any other miscellaneous charges should be confirmed by the providers. This should help give an overall rate of service before agreeing on the final deal of the service. Not all towing companies are providers of good service, therefore one must engage in a selection for one that is according to their needs and preferences.

Towing Practices

Among some of the right towing practices is the utilization of flatbed towing by the company. This method is necessary for the prevention of further damage to the vehicle by lifting the entire vehicle on the truck. Flatbed towing ensures that the car is level and firmly placed therefore there is no sudden or unnecessary movement of the vehicle in transit. Additionally, the wheels of the vehicle usually lock securely onto the truck. The use of the traditional hook and chain tow trucks leave space for too many things going wrong. Attachment of the chain to the rack beneath the vehicle improperly may lead to misalignment of the vehicle and damaging of the rack itself.

Extra Services from a Towing Company

Efficient towing services value their customers and realize the importance of providing additional services to their loyal customers. Some companies provide complimentary services to their customers such as roadside assistance, vehicle auctioning and secure vehicle storage. These services go a long way in benefits as some of the vehicle problems do not require towing of the vehicle to a service station.


Towing companies happen to offer their services in areas far from their parent location. Even those that are established miles away might advertise for services in your locality. Some providers have certain proximity to their service, therefore, one has to consider this factor before opting for a company. Understanding the value of your time and money goes a long way in ensuring that you are provided with the best services.

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